• Les Misérables © BBC

  • Latte and the Magic Waterstone © Dreamin' Dolphin Film - Grid Animation

  • Spider in the Web © Topia Communications - Ciné Cri de Coeur

  • Sthlm Requiem © Spark Film & TV and Kärnfilm - Lunanime

  • Baptiste © BBC

  • Heinz © BosBros - Fabrique Fantastique

  • State Of Happiness © Petter Skafle Henriksen - Maipo Film

  • Marnie's World © Scopas Media - Grid Animation

  • Iron Sky: The Coming Race © Iron Sky Universe - 27 Films Production - Potemkino


November 2019

Deadline Call 3 - 2019 (12/noon)


Screen Flanders was launched in April 2012 by the government of Flanders as a new economic support measure for audiovisual works. Besides this, Screen Flanders is also the central film commission for the Flanders Region (previously known as Location Flanders).

Via Screen Flanders the government of Flanders offers financial support to audiovisual productions that spend (part of) their budget within the Flanders Region. Belgian producers can apply to receive up to 400,000 euros refundable advances by way of economic support to cover their audiovisual expenses in the Flanders Region. Foreign producers interested in applying for the fund can coproduce with a Belgian producer that satisfies all the selection criteria.

The annual budget of Screen Flanders (4.5 million euros) is provided by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen). The Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) manages the applications and promotes the fund.

Screen Flanders resorts under Economic Affairs Minister Hilde Crevits, in close cooperation with Cultural Affairs Minister Jan Jambon.

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