The support is awarded intuitu personae and cannot be transferred to another beneficiary without the agency's written approval. 

The support is paid in three instalments according to the following schedule. These instalments are paid at the earliest 30 days after the decision of support allocation, provided you have requested the instalment from the agency and submitted all the relevant information. Send your request by post or email to the account manager, whose name is mentioned in the decision of support allocation. 

Requests for instalments must be made within 12 months of the end of the spending period. 

A first instalment of 40% is payable once you demonstrate that at least 80% of the total funding and at least 50% of the Belgian Federal Tax Shelter investment have been definitively acquired. The following documents must be enclosed at a minimum: 

  • an updated, detailed project budget showing the current state of affairs 
  • all signed contracts and agreements 
  • the amendments form (if amendments were made) (see ‘Compulsory reports’) 
  • the co-production contract 
Documents in support of financing definitively acquired may be provided in the form of contracts or implementing agreements mentioning the project and signed by all of the parties. Letters of intent will not therefore suffice as documents in support of financing definitively acquired (see also ‘Application procedure’). 

A second instalment of 30% is payable once the applicant demonstrates that the production has started, by means of a call sheet on the first day of shooting (fiction and documentary) or a report of the first day's animation (animation). 

A third instalment of 30% is payable once the eligible expenses have been paid in full. The following documents are to be added at a minimum (see ‘Inspection’): 

  • the final project budget, showing the definitive state of affairs and accounting for any rejected amounts 
  • contracts demonstrating any remaining financing 
  • the accounting report mentioning if all credit notes were deducted 
  • the amendments form (where applicable) (see ‘Compulsory reports’) 
  • the supplier list containing at least every invoice eligible for Screen Flanders support 

The agency must also have ascertained that: 

  • all conditions set out in the Screen Flanders decree, the Screen Flanders ministerial decree, the ministerial decree of the Calls and the decision of support allocation have been satisfied 
  • amendments, if any, have been reported, justified and accepted (see ‘Compulsory reports’) 
  • all deliverables have been delivered to VAF (see ‘Compulsory Reports’) 
  • the definitive and correctly drafted recoupment scheme, signed by the main producer, has been provided