About Screen Flanders

Screen Flanders is a programme implemented by the Government of Flanders for the economic support of audiovisual works. It aims to put Flanders on the international audiovisual map by improving its appeal, particularly to foreign productions, and strengthening its competitive position relative to other regions. 

By spending a portion of their budget in the Flanders Region, international productions can receive up to EUR 400,000 in funding. In return, they agree to return percentage of earnings to Screen Flanders. In other words, Screen Flanders support is neither a grant, in the sense that nothing is expected in return, nor a loan, in the sense that repayments are automatically due. Repayments are due only if and when earnings are received. 

You decide how much support to apply for, based on the amount and type of expenditures you intend to make in the Flanders Region and the general quality of the application. Do bear in mind that applications are assessed in comparison with other projects submitted. 

In other words, Screen Flanders uses a competitive format: periodic calls to submit applications for support (also known as calls for proposals) are issued, according to a predetermined budget. A jury assesses the applications according to both an established set of criteria in relation to the other proposals. There are a number of conditions that must be satisfied by the project and planned expenditures. 

Assessments also take into consideration the correct completion of the application. Applications must be complete and submitted on time. They must also satisfy the conditions of admissibility and contain the compulsory attachments. The application guidelines provide information on how your Screen Flanders application should be submitted and how it is processed.

Screen Flanders is managed by Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship), assisted by the Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)). The Screen Flanders team is happy to assist with any problems you may have in completing the application. As our office can become very busy in the run-up to a deadline, we do recommend that you contact us in good time.