Screen Flanders invests 850,000 EUR in five projects


Screen Flanders is to invest 850,000 EUR in five new audiovisual productions. The list of supported projects includes a broad variety of genres such as the hybrid animated feature Coppelia which combines classical ballet with animation; the German-Belgian co-production The Walking Man; and the Arte commissioned French-Belgian TV series Moloch. The Dutch-Belgian TV series Commandos and Viva Boma!, the fourth feature of the successful Flemish FC De Kampioenen franchise, conclude the line-up. 
Through the Screen Flanders economic fund, the Flanders government provides financial support to audiovisual productions that spend part or all of their budgets within the Flanders region. Belgian producers can apply for up to 400,000 EUR (about 457,800 US$). Foreign producers can access the fund by co-producing with a Belgian producer who meets the selection criteria.

Productions receiving funding include a diverse set of projects.
The animated feature Coppelia combines live-action dancing with animation to give life to the colourful universe Sieb Posthuma created for this ballet fairy tale. Flemish directors Steven De Beul and Ben Tesseur (RustyMister Paper) of Beast Animation will direct the feature in collaboration with Jeff Tudor (The Feeling of GoingA Swan Lake). Ghent-based production company Lunanime will produce this unique animated feature for Flanders.
In the Dutch-Belgian action series Commandos, we follow the special forces unit of the Royal Netherlands Army on their foreign missions. When a troubled former special force member is confronted with an assassin trying to eliminate his former brothers in arms, he unleashes a war in which he risks losing everything. Dutch producer NL Film & TV is producing the series for AVROTROS, in co-production with the South-African production company Spier Productions and Flanders based Ciné Cri De Coeur.
Moloch, the thriller series directed by Arnaud Malherbe (Chefs) for Arte, takes us to a world in chaos, terrorised by fire. French production company Calt Studio is producing the series in co-production with Belga Productions.
Family feature Viva Boma! directed by Jan Verheyen (ControlThe Verdict), will be the fourth FC De Kampioenen feature to receive support from Screen Flanders. Based on the popular local TV series, the first three features have proven to be big hits at the local box office, with the film series registering a total of over 2,000,000 admissions. Producing is Gardner and Domm in co-production with Flemish broadcaster VRT.
The German-Belgian co-production The Walking Man, directed by Rainer Kaufmann (Schwartz & Schwartz: Mein erster Mord), shows us a world full of beauty and deception as its main characters try to hit the jackpot forging and selling Alberto Giacometti’s famous gigantic sculptures. The German production company Zeitsprung Pictures is producing the feature in co-production with the Belgian- based production company Velvet Films
Projects supported within the framework of the third call of 2018 are:
Directors: Steven De Beul, Ben Tesseur & Jeff Tudor
Main producer: Submarine (NL)
Belgian co-producer: Lunanime
Animated feature
Directors: Hanro Smitsman & Ivan Lopez Nuñez 
Main producer: NL Film & TV (NL)
Belgian co-producer: Ciné Cri De Coeur
Director: Arnaud Malherbe
Main producer: Calt Studio (FR)
Belgian co-producer: Belga Productions
Viva Boma!
Director: Jan Verheyen
Main Belgian producer: Gardner and Domm
The Walking Man
Director: Rainer Kaufmann
Main producer: Zeitsprung Pictures (DE)
Belgian co-producer: Velvet Films