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Screen Flanders supports its 100th project and generates over 100 million EUR of audiovisual spend


I Kill Giants by Academy Award-winning director Anders Walter; The Mute by Bartek Konopka; the French-Belgian feature Rattrapage; animated features Harvie and the Magic Museum and Heinz; and the second season of the hit Nordic TV series Occupied are among the international co-productions to have received support from the Screen Flanders economic fund. The funding was agreed in the second call of 2016, during which a total of 1,535,000 EUR (1,602,400 US$) was awarded to 10 productions. Amount per project varies between 70,000 EUR (73,000 US$) and 300,000 EUR (313,150 US$). Together, the projects are expected to generate well over 9.6 million EUR (10.00 million US$) in audiovisual expenditure in the Flanders region.
Flanders Economic Affairs minister Philippe Muyters noted that the second call of 2016 was a milestone, marking the fund’s 100th investment. Since its launch in 2012, the fund has awarded over 21.7 million EUR (22.6 million US$) to a total of 102 audiovisual projects. Together these projects have spent 102.7 million EUR (107.2 million US$) on eligible audiovisual costs in the region. Every euro invested by the Fund thus generated 4.72 EUR (5 US$) of eligible expenditure in the Flanders region. The fund has invested an average of 213,333 EUR (222,700 US$) per project. The vast majority of the supported projects are fiction features (70%), followed by animated features (12%). The fund also supported fiction series (8%), animated series (7%) and documentary films (3%).
Projects due to receive support from the economic fund in the latest call include a mix of international co-productions with Flanders and new feature films by established Flemish directors. International co-productions with Flanders awarded support include the animated features Harvie and the Magic Museum and Heinz; the Polish-Belgian co-production The Mute directed by Bartek Konopka; and the French-Belgian feature Rattrapage. The feature I Kill Giants, directed by Oscar-winning director Anders Walter and based on the popular comic book by Joe Kelly also received support, as did the second season of the hit Nordic series Occupied. Funding was also granted to the new feature Facades from directing duo Kaat Beels and Nathalie Basteyns, and the first feature of BAFTA-nominee Jan Matthys, Many HeavensAlleen Eline, directed by Hugo Van Laere, and the feature H.I.T. were also included.
Screen Flanders focuses mainly on international co-productions filming on location or in studio in Flanders or hiring local crew and facilities for the production and/or post-production of their project. Over the past few years the Flanders audiovisual industry has contributed to the productions by internationally renowned directors such as Wolfgang Becker (Me & Kaminski), Bille August (55 Steps), Terence Davies (A Quiet Passion), Peter Greenaway (Eisenstein in Guanajuato), Kathrine Windfeld (The Team), Cristiano Bortone (Coffee), Jaco Van Dormael (Le tout nouveau testament) and Alex van Warmerdam (Schneider Vs. Bax).
Flanders-based animation studios have collaborated with the fund’s support on international co-productions such as Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock HeartAstérix: The Mansion of the Gods, Ooops Noah Is GonePhantom Boy and Richard the Stork. The list of supported projects also includes a broad variety of local productions, ranging from local box office hits to international festival selections such as BelgicaThe Ardennes and Le Ciel Flamand.
Screen Flanders's second call of 2016 ended on 9 September and saw a total of 1,535,000 EUR (1,602,400 US$) shared between 10 productions. Amounts per project varied between 70,000 EUR (73,000 US$) and 300,000 EUR (313,150 US$). Together, the projects will generate over 9.6 million EUR (10.02 million US$) in audiovisual expenditure in the Flanders region.
An overview of the projects supported within the framework of the second call of 2016 is listed below.
Alleen Eline
Director: Hugo Van Laere
Main Belgian producer: Marmalade
BE – NL, fiction
Directors: Kaat Beels, Nathalie Basteyns
Main Belgian producer: deMENSEN
BE, fiction
Harvie and the Magic Museum
Directors: Martin Kotik, Inna Evlannikova
Main producer: Rolling Pictures
Belgian co-producer: Grid Animation
CZ – RU – FR – BE, animation
Director: Piet Kroon
Main producer: BosBros
Belgian co-producer: Fabrique Fantastique
NL – BE, animation

Director: Mathias Temmermans
Belgian producer: Zodiak Belgium
BE, fiction
I Kill Giants
Director: Anders Walter
Main producer: IKG Films Limited
Belgian co-producer: Umedia Production Services
GB – BE – IE, fiction
Many Heavens
Director: Jan Matthys
Main Belgian producer: Caviar Antwerp
BE – NL, fiction
The Mute
Director: Bartek Konopka
Main producer: Otter Films
Belgian co-producer: Earlybirds Films
PL – BE, fiction
Occupied II
Director: Erik Skjoldbjaerg
Main producer: Yellow Bird Norge        
Belgian co-producer: Lunanime
NO – BE, fiction
Director: Tristan Séguéla,
Main producer: Les Films du 24
Belgian co-producer: Umedia Production Services
FR – BE, fiction