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Screen Flanders-supported Eisenstein in Guanajuato selected for the Berlinale


The Screen Flanders-supported feature Eisenstein in Guanajuato has been selected for the 65th Berlin International Film Festival (5–15 February). The new film by Peter Greenaway about legendary filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein will have its international premiere in Official Competition. An international co-production, the film is co-produced for Flanders by Potemkino (Cub) and received support from the Screen Flanders Economic Fund.

Eisenstein in Guanajuato is about one of the world's greatest filmmakers, with Finnish actor Elmer Bäck (The Spiral) playing the title role of Sergei Eisenstein, and tells of how the Soviet director, curious about Guanajuato’s Museum of the Dead, spent 10 days in that Mexican city in 1931 whilst he was trying to make the film Que Viva Mexico. His sensual and emotional experiences with sex and death over those 10 days influenced his later films.

Director Peter Greenaway has been nominated for various prestigious film awards at film festivals such as Cannes, Venice and Berlin. His first feature film The Draughtsman’s Contract (1982) launched his international career, while he confirmed his reputation with films like The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover (1989) and The Pillow Book (1996). He has made more than 65 films, with his most recent works including Nightwatching (2007), Rembrandt’s j’Accuse (2008) and Goltzius and the Pelican Company (2012).

Eisenstein in Guanajuato is an international co-production, led by Dutch production companies Submarine and Fu Works and Paloma Negra Films from Mexico. The film was co-produced by Edith Film (Finland) and the Belgium-based Potemkino and Mollywood, in association with broadcasting organizations VPRO (The Netherlands), ZDF/Arte (Germany/France) and YLE (Finland).

Eisenstein in Guanajuato is supported by the Screen Flanders economic fund, under the aegis of Economic Affairs Minister Philippe Muyters and Cultural Affairs Minister Sven Gatz.