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Screen Flanders supported Between 10 and 12 selected for the Venice Days


Screen Flanders supported Between 10 and 12 by Peter Hoogendoorn is selected for the Venice Days (Aug 27 to Sept 6), an independent sidebar of the Venice Film Festival. Flemish co-producers Minds Meet and Mollywood joined Keren Cogan Films and Phanta Film in the Netherlands, Unlimited (FR) and Dutch broadcaster AVRO.

In Between 10 and 12, a devastating piece of news delivered by two officers in a police car changes the lives of a family forever. As the journey progresses, the vehicle becomes more and more crowded with family members, picked up from home, work, the hairdressers. As they sit in the backseat, alone with their thoughts, what they thought they knew about life, about relationships, has been violently altered. And while the focus for their despair is all too clear, around them everyday things begin to lose meaning as the world becomes increasingly absurd.

Writer/director Peter Hoogendoorn developed the script at the Binger Filmlab in Amsterdam. The project also got selected for Rotterdam's CineMart co-production platform in 2010. The ensemble cast is made up of Dutch actors Raymond Thiry, Nasrdin Dchar, Cynthia Abma, Olga Louzgina, Elise van 't Laar and Ko Zandvliet.

Key positions within the international crew are assigned to Flemish professionals such as Jan Lemmens (steadicam), Tom Denoyette (editor), Henk Rabau (sound engineer), Ludo Volders (location scout) and Karine Uvijn (make-up). Also part of the production and postproduction services are provided by Flanders based companies such as Lites (camera and lighting equipment) and Galaxy Studios (sound & image postproduction). Belgian co-producers of Between 10 and 12 are Guy and Wilfried Van Baelen of Mollywood and Tomas Leyers of Brussels based production outfit Minds Meet (I’m the same, I’m another, Violet, Blue Bird).

Besides Screen Flanders, this real-time road movie also got support from the Netherlands Film Fund, Eurimages, Region Alsace and the CoBO Fund.