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Screen Flanders invests 1,475,000 EUR in seven productions


Screen Flanders is to invest 1,475,000 EUR (approximately 1,650,082 US$) in seven new audiovisual productions. The list of supported projects includes The Aquarium, the latest feature by French director Sylvain Chomet (The Triplets of BellevilleThe Illusionist), the animated features Nayola and Titina, and the Flemish documentary series In Our Nature. The new feature NR10 by Dutch director Alex van Warmerdam (Schneider vs. BaxBorgman), the animated series Royals Next Door and the German children's film Help, I Shrunk My Friends conclude the fund’s line-up.

Through Screen Flanders, the Flanders government provides financial support to audiovisual productions that spend part or all of their budget within the Flanders Region. Belgian producers can apply for up to 400,000 EUR (approximately 447,480 US$). Foreign producers can access the fund by co-producing with a Belgian producer who meets the selection criteria.
The amounts awarded in this first call of 2019 vary between 120,000 EUR (approximately 134,244 US$) and 365,000 EUR (approximately 408,325 US$). Together the projects will generate well over 11.2 million EUR (approximately 12.5 million US$) of eligible audiovisual expenditure in the Flanders Region.
The productions receiving funding are a diverse set of features and series for both young and older audiences.
The Aquarium will be the third live-action feature by French director Sylvain Chomet, best known for the Academy Award nominated animation feature The Triplets of Belleville.
This unique modern fable takes us to the almost completely submerged coastal town of Loreley Bay. The last remaining residents have been offered shelter by Ivan, an aspiring inventor and owner of The Deucali, a dilapidated hotel that has been in Ivan’s family for generations and which now faces ruin. As people desert the sinking town, Ivan finds himself under pressure to abandon his family home forever, until a surprising new guest arrives in the shape of Simmy.
The Aquarium is produced by Riverstone Pictures (UK) in co-production with Belga Productions (BE). No less than 20 days will be shot at the brand new LITES water stage in Flanders, with a partly Flemish crew. Multiple services, such as the film's VFX, will also be provided by Flanders-based companies.
The children's film Help, I Shrunk My Friends, is the third feature in a popular German film franchise, based on a novel by Sabine Ludwig. In the third feature, Felix learns to master the art of shrinking from Otto Leonhard's ghost, so he can protect the magic collection of the school’s founder during a school trip. When Felix shrinks his friends so he can be alone with Melanie, he realizes too late that this allows Hulda Stingbeard to proceed with her sneaky plans.
Help, I Shrunk My Friends is produced by Blue Eyes Fiction (DE) in co-production with Minifilm KG (AT), Filmvergnuegen (IT) and Potemkino Port (BE). Ten of the 46 shooting days will take place in the Flanders Region, with a partially Flemish crew. The Flanders-based companies Ace Image Factory and Galaxy Studios will provide the VFX and image and sound post-production services for the film.
The animated feature Nayola, based on the African play ‘A Caixa Preta’, tells the compelling story of three generations of women affected by the Angolan civil war.
The film is directed by José Miguel Ribeiro and produced by Filmes da Praça (PT) in co-production with JPL Films (FR), Il Luster (NL) and S.O.I.L. Productions (BE). The film will be the very first animated feature produced in Portugal. Flanders-based Studio Tardigrada will animate a large part of the film and Senstudio will be in charge of the sound design and sound editing.
NR10, the new feature by Dutch director Alex van Warmerdam focusses on the actor Günter, who was found as a child in a German forest. He never wondered about his past or where he came from. It's only when Cardinal Wassinski's companions turn up and drive him to his downfall that Günter learns his true origin.
The leading role of Günter will be played by Flemish actor Tom Dewispelaere (Over Water), who also worked with van Warmerdam on his previous film, Schneider vs. BaxNR10 is produced by Graniet Film (NL) in co-production with Fiction (DE) and Czar Film & TV (BE). The crew will be partly composed of Flemish professionals, such as art director Geert Paredis (Racer and the JailbirdAngel) and Steadicam operator Jo Vermaercke (Baptiste, Les Misérables).
In Our Nature is a prestigious documentary series about the beauty and variety of Belgian nature. Seven episodes will highlight seven different Belgian biotopes, each with its own challenges and residents facing these challenges. The eighth and final episode will be a making-of with the search for Belgian wolves as its main theme.
Flemish composer Dirk Brossé (Parade’s End) is to compose the original score for the series, while stand-up comedian Wim Helsen lends his voice to the Dutch-language version. In Our Nature is produced by Hotel Hungaria for Canvas.
The animated feature Titina is an Arctic epic about the mysterious death of the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, about the sheer disgrace of the aeronautical engineer Umberto Nobile, and about Titina: the first — and last — lapdog to reach the North Pole.
Seen through the eyes of the street dog that became the world’s first four-legged celebrity, Titina tells a true-ish story of glory and defeat.
The film will be directed by the Norwegian Kajsa Næssen and co-produced for Flanders by Vivi Film. Flemish animation studios Studio Souza and Studio Lumière will handle the animation of the film.
Royals Next Door is an animated comedy series about King Bob and Queen Catarina, who are forced by unforeseen circumstances to move with their family to a normal house in an ordinary suburb. It’s time to show that the Royals can live like everyone else!
Royals Next Door is produced by the Finnish/Spanish production company Pikkukala, and co-produced for Flanders by Lunanime. The whole series will be animated in the Ghent-based Studio Lumière under the supervision of key animator Paul De Blieck (Funan, The Congress, Pinocchio). Option Media will provide dubbing services for the series.