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Screen Flanders distributes € 2 million among 10 productions


Minister-President of Flanders Kris Peeters presented the list of 10 productions that are to receive support through the Screen Flanders economic fund. A total amount of € 2 million ($2,750,400) will be distributed in the fund's first call of 2013. The 10 supported titles together stand for well over € 8.5 million ($11,689,200) in audiovisual expenses in the Flanders region.

Via Screen Flanders the government of Flanders offers financial support to audiovisual productions that spend (part of) their budget within the Flanders Region. Belgian producers can apply to receive up to € 400,000 ($550,080) refundable advances by way of economic support to cover their audiovisual expenses in the Flanders Region. Foreign producers interested in applying for the fund can coproduce with a Belgian producer that satisfies the selection criteria.

The main condition of the fund is that the (co-)production must enrich the cultural heritage of Flanders and invest a minimum of  € 250,000 ($343,800) in the Flanders Region. Every euro entrusted to a producer must yield at least 1 euro of audiovisual expenditure in the region. The maximum support per project is € 400,000 ($550,080).

The first call of 2013 ended in June. In this session a total of € 2 million ($2,750,400) got distributed among 10 productions. Amounts per project vary between € 50,000 ($68,760) en € 400,000 ($550,080) per project. The 10 supported titles together stand for well over € 8.5 million ($11,689,200) of audiovisual expenses in the Flanders region.

Applications are assessed by a jury consisting of both economic and cultural experts. The aim of the selective system is to support (co-)productions that are made, in part or entirely, in the Flanders region.

The 10 projects that receive Screen Flanders support can be consulted in the overview supported projects.