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M-Appeal to represent Raf Reyntjens’s Paradise Trips internationally


Berlin-based sales agency M-Appeal has picked up world sales rights to Paradise Trips. The film, starring Jeroen Perceval and Gene Bervoets, is the feature debut of director Raf Reyntjens, who previously shot video clips for various artists, including Belgian musician Stromae.

Paradise Trips centres on bus driver Mario, who has spent his life ferrying senior citizens to their holiday destinations. Although retired now, he decides to accept one last trip. But this time his passengers are not elderly, but a motley crew of partygoers on their way to a music festival in Croatia. His last journey soon turns into a mind-bending trip that not only confronts him with his prejudices, but also with his long-lost son.

Maren Kroymann, CEO of M-Appeal, said: “We all fell in love with Paradise Trips the moment we saw it. We have been looking for just such a charming film with crossover potential, appealing to both young and middle-aged audiences at the same time.”

Reyntjens previously wrote and directed two short films: A Message From Outer Space (2004), which was shown at several international film festivals; and Tunnelrat (2008), which was part of the ‘Great War’ exhibition at MoMA in New York last autumn. Reyntjens has also directed various commercials and video clips, including the video of ‘Papaoutai’ for up-and-coming Belgian musician Stromae which has attracted more than 270 million views on YouTube.

Paradise Trips is produced by Caviar (BlackThe Sum of Histories) and will be theatrically released in Belgium on August 19. The film received support from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund/Film Fund of Flemish Cultural Affairs Minister Sven Gatz and was also backed by the Screen Flanders Economic Fund, under the aegis of Economic Affairs Minister Philippe Muyters and Cultural Affairs Minister Gatz.