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Lukas Bossuyt set to shoot debut feature


Principal photography on Lukas Bossuyt’s directorial debut The Sum of Histories (working title) is to start on August 4. Set against the university climate of the city of Leuven, in Belgium, the storyline combines elements as drama, romance and science fiction.

What would you do if you discovered a way to change the past? The Sum of Histories tells the story of Viktor, a young and brilliant professor, who discovers a way to send e-mails back in time. Now he can finally prevent the car crash that paralyzed his wife Lena more than 20 years ago. But Viktor soon learns that changing the past is not risk-free.

The general cast includes Flemish acting talent such as Koen De Graeve (Halfway, Time of My Life, Madly in Love), Matteo Simoni (Marina, Crazy About Ya) and Robrecht Vanden Thoren (Come As You Are, The Over The Hill Band).

The Sum of Histories marks Lukas Bossuyt’s debut as a feature film director. A London Film School graduate, Bossuyt already scripted episodes of various Flemish television series (Aspe, The Rodenburgs) and wrote and directed shorts as Strawberry Flavour and Elisabeth.

Frank Van Passel and Ivy Vanhaecke are producing the film for production banner Caviar Films, known for films as Madly in Love, My Queen Karo and Bo and television drama including Clan and The Emperor of Taste. The Sum of Histories can count on the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund/Film Fund of the Flemish Cultural Affairs Minister and Screen Flanders, the economic support measure for audiovisual works.