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Flanders joins European police series The Team


Key Flemish stars Veerle Baetens (The Broken Circle Breakdown) and Koen De Bouw (The Verdict, The Memory of a Killer), as well as Filip Peeters (Salamander) and Hilde Van Mieghem are to join the international cast of The Team, a new European police series that also stars Lars Mikkelsen (The Killing). Co-produced for Flanders by Ghent-based Lunanime, the series will be partly shot in Flanders.

On January 1st 2010, a whole new era dawned for European policing. On that day, most European countries joined a treaty of police co-operation preventing and fighting organised international crime such as corruption, counterfeit food, money laundering or modern slavery by setting up cross-border units, so-called Joint Investigation Teams.

The Team follows the members of such a new European Joint Investigation Team: Harald from Denmark (Lars Mikkelsen), Jackie from Germany (Jasmin Great) and the Belgian Alica, portrayed by Flemish actress Veerle Baetens. Baetens shot to stardom since her appearance in Felix van Groeningen’s intense drama The Broken Circle Breakdown, Belgium’s Foreign Language Oscar entry this year.

The unit of experts is set up after three dead bodies are discovered in Copenhagen, Berlin and Antwerp - all apparently murdered by the same perpetrator. The team will soon find out that there is a lot more to these murders than meets the eye – it’s just the tip of the iceberg. They will have to take on the emotionally blunted leader of an unscrupulous European criminal organization.

With their much acclaimed International Emmy-award-winning cop shows, Unit One, The Eagle, and The Protectors, scriptwriters Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe have not only proved their ability to create huge ratings in Scandinavia, but also to attract an international audience. The Team will build on the success of Scandinavian crime series, taking it to a new level, and spreading Nordic-Noir style and quality over the continent, working exclusively with top-creatives such as director Kathrine Windfeld, director of photography Morten Søborg, art director Knirke Madelung or production designer Søren Gam and renowned European actors like Lars Mikkelsen (DK), Jasmin Gerat (GER), Nicholas Ofczarek (AUT) or Carlos Léal (SUI).

Besides Veerle Baetens, actors Koen De Bouw, Filip Peeters and Hilde Van Mieghem are also boarding The Team. De Bouw can currently be seen in Jan Verheyen’s courtroom thriller The Verdict that scooped Best Direction in Montréal this summer. Filip Peeters played the lead in popular Flemish crime series Salamander, which was sold to BBC Four and is set for a North American remake, while actress-director Hilde Van Mieghem has films as Madly in Love on her laurels and will appear in the much-awaited war series In Flanders Fields.

In co-operation with German broadcaster ZDF, producer Peter Nadermann, previously involved in the smash-hit series The Killing and The Bridge, has put together a large international coproduction between six different countries that proves it's not only the police joining forces.

Producing The Team will be creating the very first European “road movie cop show” – benefitting from Europe’s cultural diversity and shot authentically in original languages - offering an insight not only into the reality of today's organised crime but also into the fates behind crime. Justice is to give back dignity to the victims. Filming starts October 21, 2013 in Copenhagen, with a total of 133 days of shooting in Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. A large number of the exterior shots is scheduled to take place in Antwerp as well as all the pre-shoots and interior shots. Main post-production, except editing, will also be done in Belgium.

The Team received support from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund/Media Fund of Flemish Media Minister Ingrid Lieten. The project is also submitted to Screen Flanders, the economic support measure for audiovisual works launched by Flemish Minister-President Kris Peeters and Flemish Cultural Affairs Minister Joke Schauvliege.