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Asian premiere for Sum of Histories


Sum of Histories, directed by Lukas Bossuyt received its Asian premiere at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, which ended on 4 April. The programme also included the co-production Schneider vs Bax of Alex Van Warmerdam.

Lukas Bossuyt’s directorial debut Sum of Histories received its Asian premiere at the Hong Kong Film Festival after premiering at the Montreal World Film Festival last summer. It is the story of Viktor, a brilliant young professor who discovers a way to manipulate time. Now he can finally change the past and help his beloved Lena. But as Viktor soon learns, changing the past is not without risk. Producers are Frank Van Passel and Ivy Vanhaecke for Caviar (Black, Paradise Trips).

Hong Kong also welcomed a Screen Flanders supported co-production with Flanders. In Schneider vs Bax, directed by Alex Van Warmerdam, things become complicated when hit man Schneider takes on a rush job, targeting the secluded writer Roman Bax. The film was co-produced by Eurydice Gysel for CZAR (Waste Land).

Sum of Histories and Schneider vs Bax received support from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund/Film Fund of Flemish Cultural Affairs Minister Sven Gatz. Both films were also backed by the Screen Flanders economic fund, under the aegis of Flemish Economic Affairs Minister Philippe Muyters and Cultural Affairs Minister Gatz.