How to 66%

By combining the mechanisms of the federal Belgian Tax Shelter with the support of the regional Economic Fund Screen Flanders, producers can finance up to 66% of their eligible audiovisual spend in the Flanders region. If an audiovisual cost is eligible for the regional Screen Flanders Fund, it can also be taken into account for the federal Tax Shelter system, which makes it simple to combine both mechanisms.

Let’s say you are financing an international co-production with a total budget of €5 million and will be spending €2 million in Europe (EEA). For the federal Tax Shelter mechanism this results in a Tax Shelter Certificate with a value of €1,400,000 and €1,260,000 of eligible direct and indirect audiovisual costs in Belgium. Following the schedule above, 42% of these costs (or €526,665) can be financed through the Tax Shelter system.

If these eligible audiovisual costs are incurred in the Flanders region, you can apply to the Screen Flanders Economic Fund to cover up to 24% of these costs, to a maximum to €400,000.

Both incentives together can cover up to 66% or 2/3 of your eligible audiovisual spend in Flanders, Belgium.