How and when do you submit your application?

Applications can only be made in response to a call and must be submitted within a given period of time. The complete application file (consisting of an application form and ALL attachments) submitted in relation to this call must be submitted before 12 noon on the day of the final submission date. The submission date is the date and time stipulated on the confirmation letter.

You may submit an application file, which comprises the specific application form and all of the required attachments. These attachments are explained in greater detail in the next point.

You must use the application form and the Excel ‘Project Budget’ template to give a summary of expenditure and funding. When completing these documents please give sufficient attention to the notes, which can be found under an extra tab in each document. Please also read with care the guidelines in the right-hand margin of the application form.
Support applications submitted without the compulsory application form are inadmissible and will not qualify for support.

The full application file must be sent to:
Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen,
Afdeling Bedrijfs- en Omgevingssteun
Koning Albert II-laan 35 bus 12
BE-1030 Brussels

The application needs to be delivered to the above-mentioned address, on the 14th floor (Mon-Fri during business hours 9am – 5pm). Make sure to get a receipt. In case you don’t deliver your application file in person, a confirmation note will be sent to you by email. On the final day of the submission deadline a member of the Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen (Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship) team will be present at the reception desk on the ground floor till 12 noon for the reception of applications.

  • Two paper copies of the full application file (preferably printed recto/verso) containing all the required attachments (as stated in the final question of the application form), bound or stapled. Only the two paper copies of the script must be added separately to the application file. Loose leaf documents and classification folders will not be accepted.
  • Two digital copies of the full application file. The application form and Excel ‘Project Budget’ template to give a summary of expenditure and funding, must remain in the Excel format; the other documents may be converted to PDF. All files are to be supplied on two separate, identical non-rewritable electronic storage devices (CD-Rom, DVD, Windows-formatted USB stick, etc.). File names must make reference to the title of your project and the index numbers of the attachments as stated in the final question of the application form. The script needs to be added as a separate PDF.
  • Two copies of the screening material (if screening material is necessary)

The electronic and paper version of the application form, and the required attachments must be in the possession of Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship) by 12 noon on the final date of submission of the call. The submission date is the date and time given on the letter of confirmation.

When submitting the application please abide by the rules set out in the Screen Flanders procedure manual.

The procedure manual, the application form, the Excel template and the Statement on Honour are all available for download in the Application Forms section of the website.

It is important to complete the application form fully and accurately and add all the required attachments. Application forms that have not been completed fully or accurately or that are missing attachments may be declared inadmissible. Please do not add any additional tabs or actions to the Excel templates.

The application must give a full picture of the project in question. Application forms and the information and attachments accompanying these must be written in Dutch or translated into Dutch. More particularly synopses, director’s, producer’s and author’s statements and character descriptions must be submitted in Dutch. Scripts may be submitted in Dutch (preferably), French or English. Articles of association, combined resumés and filmographies, contracts and documents relating to the funding of the project may be submitted in Dutch, French or English.