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The Flanders Region has 16 animation production companies, 8 of which have their own animation studios. Between them they cover the whole range of animation techniques, from 2D hand-drawn and computer animation, to 3D and stop-motion. Already dependable partners in international co-productions, they are increasingly taking the lead, creating compelling characters and stories, and delivering innovative animated content. /
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They call them Flandriens, bad-assed cycle racers who force their machines over the cobbled roads and murderous hills of Flanders, oblivious to the cold and the rain. The same kind of grit and determination has driven Flemish animation producers to climb new heights, using their skills to emerge from the pack and sprint towards glory.

But just as Flandriens must also ride for their teams, Flemish animation producers play an important role in international co-productions, adding their drive to Oscar-nominated films such as The Triplets of Belleville, The Secret of Kells and A Cat in Paris.